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Gender, self-expression, and human connection have become the prevalent themes in most of Ong Jing Ren artwork. In every series he creates, he always uses different mediums while at the same time fully submerging himself in new surroundings in the hope of bringing out something different.




My latest series is based on real people and stories. Drawing from life keeps me loose, fresh, and accurate. What live models bring to the table that photo reference doesn’t, is an energy and life force me access in order to elevate a drawing. I use strong, hidden messages to create a mood that reflects the feelings I have at the time of creating the artwork. Therefore the pieces reflect real human experiences and emotions such as loneliness, happiness, hope, and love. My current series uses the combination of the lightest with the darkest color, black, and white. Black gives me a feeling of the unknown and sadness, white emanates hope and innocence.


People struggling with borderline personality disorder need to know that they are not alone.

STUDIO / 2020



The silence was thick in my childhood home. People around me never spoke about their sexuality.

Their suffering was unspeakable, their stories hidden.

My own voice was silenced.


I could not express my true self. I had to hold everything inside, keep my feelings hidden. I had no freedom. With the opportunity to express my true self by creating artwork at Boston, MA,

I created a series of “Freedom” that I always wanted to.

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STUDIO / 2020



PRET · TY / 2019


A series shows this world is not what humanity thinks it is. Humanity has been told a massive lie about their own existence, yet so many people suffer blindly. Humanity suffers because of wearing the veils of delusion, the veils of ignorance like I used to wear. Ong Jing Ren wants to admonish others through these series, life is not a competition. It’s a journey and it will be very wise of them if they choose to experience everything and enjoying every bit of it. Have no fear, anxiety, or depression, this is fuel for those negative entities.



This series entitled “Part of Her” which aim to reveal parts of ourselves that we may endeavor to hide. By juxtaposing two images, one of a woman and one of an animal, this series shows our two emotional sides – one we show others and another that absorbs all the pain. This pain is held inside, holding a lot of emotions but is unable to communicate directly to us human beings.

There are many different reasons that we choose to hide or disguise the emotions that come in the wake of negative beliefs about ourselves, evoked by a person or situation. These series wants to show those who may be suffering in silence and hiding their feelings that they are not alone.

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A secret love is abscond, beautiful, and sacred when it's just a light infatuation; but when that person reaches over and touches you in the heart, making it alive in a way it has never known, that secret love becomes frightening, because you can never make them love you.




The sad tale of many a heart.




Darkness comes.

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Her soul loves differently.